Keep Your Basement From Flooding

Set up a basement gutter system in Salem, VA

Stop water from getting into your basement. Back Country Builders can install a basement gutter system to prevent moisture from seeping in. We'll use a rubber rail to line the perimeter of your basement, as well as some pumps and pipes. We can drain away water that might normally pool in your basement.

Getting a basement gutter system installed is more affordable then waterproofing and stops water from pooling around the area.

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Make sure your basement is safe and dry

Make sure your basement is safe and dry

Your basement is vulnerable to flooding and water damage. You can protect it with basement waterproofing. We'll dig up the dirt membrane on the outside of your foundation and install a French drain. This keeps water off of your foundation. When water draws close to your house, it will hit the gravel-filled trench and drain away instead of going into your basement.

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